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The Fly Box

We will be posting various flies that we like to use in this section. We will update the flies
often and will always keep you in the know about what's working well in our area. If you book
a trip with North Alabama Fly Fishing, ALL flies are provided for you.
For any questions just contact us on the "About Us " page.

Clouser Minnow

Quite possibly one of the best known, most used patterns anywhere in the world.  Tied in Various sizes and colors, the Clouser Minnow is very effective for just about every species of fish found in Alabama waters.


Olive Wooly Bugger

Wooly Buggers can be used on virtually any kind of fish. Usually fished weighted, on a sink tip or a sinking line. Vary the retrieve from long slow strips to my favorite, a very rapid hand twist. When fishing is tough, they have become our go to fly in this region for all species of fish. Although we fish a variety of colors in this fly, the Olive has become a personal favorite.


Cork Popper

Cork poppers provide our clients with so much fun that some swear that they will only fish with them from now on. I cannot tell you how many times I have had my heart slung into my stomach by the explosive rises these wonderful flies generate. From bass to bream we have had days full of huge numbers thanks to these extremely fun and exciting flies. Depending on the time of the year, we will certainly be using a popper to target most of the species of fish we chase after.

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